Shoop(left) fighting the Shoopacabra

Hunt of the Shoopacabra is a tribute by Alpha-Nuva 5 months after Madness Day 2007. It starts with introducing Nigel Higgins. Nigel shoots a tranquilizer dart at an unknown beast. The Shoopacabra knocks Nigel over and escapes. Nigel goes forward to find it, only to find Shoop Da Whoop, who tries to take Nigel's tranquilizer rifle, who in turn beats Shoop on the head and captures him. The prologue ends with:




A soldier walks in the commander's room complaining that Shoop bit his hand, in response the commander hits the" Euthanize" button. Pear and 3 soldiers go in with tranquilizer rifles and katanas to kill Shoop, who kills 3 with the katana and one with his mouth laser. Shoop goes outside and kills the hot dog vendor, as well as Pear again, who zombified for reasons unknown. The commander calls in "BLACKROBAT" who comes and throws weights at Shoop, then resorting to punching him. Shoop experiences a dream when BLACKROBAT smacks him on the head, where Nigel's rifle beats him until Shoop gets mad red eyes. Shoops wakes up and stabs BLACKROBAT with the katana, rips parts of skin of him then his head. Emo bears and Lemonhead come with a M16, MP5K, and an Uzi. Shoop takes the MP5K and heads out to the woods. Nigel goes after him with lethal tranquilization darts and a 'Teh Ubar Nigel Pack, It's smashing!". He cuts through the grass with a blade from his pack, only to be slashed by Shoop. Shoop runs ahead, then looks back to see Nigel cut in half by the real Shoopacabra. The Shoopacabra pins Shoop against a tree and claws him, as well as snapping Shoop's katana in half. The Shoopacabra charges up its laser, but Shoop throws his broken katana into its mouth. Shoop charges his laser, which he calls "Kamehameha" (refernece to Dragon Ball Z) that time. A tree falls on the Shoopacabra, knocking it out. It awakes to be in the same cell Shoop was in, and looks out the cell bars to see Dad (huge character that rapes people from the main Madness combat series). It ends with MORAL:


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